Krakow School of Brewing

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Kraków School of Brewing is the overarching organisation for all things brewing and malting at the Faculty of Food Technology of the University of Agriculture in Kraków. It comprises academic, scientific, and cooperation activities within the brewing sector.

Studia inżynierskie ➔ 

BSc in malting in brewing (PL)

PhD in Malting § Brewing

International PhD school in malting in brewing (EN)

Studia podyplomowe ➔ 

Post graduate in brewing technology (PL)

Szkolenia piwowarskie ➔

Open commercial courses in brewing (EN and PL; on-line and on campus)

Szkoła Technologii Fermentacja ➔
School of Fermentation Technology ➔

International conference for brewing sector

Browar Uniwersytecki

Microbrewery – pilot scale for education and experimental trials