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"Principles of Brewing Technology" course

malting, milling, mashing, lautering,  brewing, fermentation, maturation

Brewing technology is one of the most complex and interdisciplinary within the beverages and food industry. Discover it!

This course will give you all the basic knowledge you need to start working in the brewing sector and with companies associated with the brewing and malting industry. It focuses on the processes and techniques of brewing raw materials.

What you will learn:

  • which raw materials are needed to produce beer and what’s the purpose of using them
  • which processes are required to transform raw materials into beer
  • what happens to raw materials during their processing in the brewhouse and fermentation cellars
  • which equipment is essential to produce beer in the brewery
  • what analyses are crucial in quality control of the brewing process
  • what is the jargon in brewing industry to describe the raw materials, stages of production, process parameters and quality of the product
  • which are the key sensory attributes of beer

Who should/can participate (who is this course suitable for):

This course is a must to gain an optimal level in brewing education and is suitable if you are:

  • a new employee in a brewery with no secific background in brewing
  • anyone working in a brewery in production, sales, tech support, marketing or any other profession
  • a home-brewer planning to start a job in a commercial brewery
  • a sales representative or technician in any supplier of goods or services to breweries
  • a beer lover interested in going deeper into the beer world

Pre-requisites and course level

  • the level is for beginners and absolute beginners
  • no previous education in chemistry, biochemistry or technology is required
  • it is targeted for  professionals outside the brewing industry or non-professionals associated with the brewing industry

How the training is organised

  • on site, face to face training
  • one-day intensive course
  • four 70-minutes lectures
  • one 30 minutes technical tour in a commercial 10 hl brewery
  • taught by an expert with 20+ years of teaching experience
  • didactic materials are provided
  • laid-back and open atmosphere (questions are welcome at ay time)
  • beer tastings straight from the tanks to differentiate between yong and mature beer

The course is taught inside a brewery, which provides a unique opportunity to crosscheck your new knowledge with actual practices in a brewery, see the production line, talk to the brewmaster and taste the beers straight from the fermentation tanks.

A guaranteed highly affordable price

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Your instructor

With over 20 years of experience in brewing education, Professor Aleksander Poreda has trained over 200 professionals in specialised courses both in academia and commercially since 2016, the year when the Kraków School of Brewing was established.

Where the course will take place

The training takes place in the beautiful and historical city of  Krakow, Poland.

The exact location: Browar Górniczo-Hutniczy, ul. Witolda Budryka 4, Kraków. Find out where it is on the map.



1-day (6 hours)


Course materials

Certificate of participation

Prices from
159 € + 23%VAT


20% discount
until 10 days
before course date


(until 10 days before the course date)

159€ + 23% VAT
  • REGULAR PRICE 199€ + 23%VAT
  • 1 day training
  • printed course materials
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch, refreshment, beer tasting

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