21 reasons to join the
XXI School of Fermentation Technology in Poland 2024

May 2022 saw a milestone in the history of the School of Fermentation Technology. The XX edition of a unique (and one of its kind) gathering of the brewing and malting industry in Poland, finally took place after a hiatus of 4 years due to the pandemic lockdown. As the organising committee (Kraków School of Brewing) we couldn’t feel prouder of being part of this professional community and having brought together scientists, academics and professionals in the brewing industry for yet another fruitful and memorable exchange and networking. 

School of Fermentation Technology

Szkoła Technologii Fermentacji

XX School of Fermentation Technology in numbers

Industry Suppliers
Media & others

But what exactly is this School? It is a conference, a networking event, an advertisement platform, a doorway to future collaborations, the genesis and cradle of new ideas, projects and friendships. 

If you’re a brewer, a food technology scientist/researcher, a brewery owner, an investor or an essential link in the supply chain of beer, then this is the place to be every two years in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Here you have 21 reasons why you should join us in 2024 and become part of our community:

1. A strong and engaging content programme

Under the general theme of Advances in Brewing & Malting Technology, SzTF features four sub-themes such: “New products and trends,” “Quality & Stability of Beer,” “Raw Materials” and “Microbiology & Fermentation.”

Keynote Lecture: BARREL AGEING OF BEER. Gert De Rouck. KU Leuven, Belgium

2. An opportunity to promote products and services connected with the industry

SzTF gathers a handful of key suppliers within the brewing and malting industry. They are an essential part of the programme either as presenters, sponsors. or both. As sponsors they are entitled to floor time and a stand within the conference hall.


3. A platform to share your research and receive feedback

Whether is academic research or corporate R&D, SzTF is the perfect setting to share (if possible) hypothesis, questions, findings or any relevant study of the brewing and malting science/industry.

4. An occasion to build up your academic portfolio

One of the tenets at SzTF is to provide a safe and enriching atmosphere for early stage researchers to work on their communication skills and refine their work through an open exchange of ideas and feedback. 

5. A chance to pave your career path by meeting people from the industry

Get your pitches in order! You never know when you will meet your future employer. SzTF provides the perfect setting for making significant connections in the industry that could eventually help throughout a professional/academic career. 

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for your support!

You are an integral part of the School of Fermentation Technology.

We hope to count with you again in 2024.

6. The place to find potential partners for new projects

Get your pitches in order! You never know when you will meet your future employer. SzTF provides the perfect setting for making significant connections in the industry that could eventually help throughout a professional/academic career.

7. A unique place to meet stakeholders in the brewing industry from Poland

A place to meet Polish brewers, scientists, researchers and businesses in the brewing and malting industry, SzTF is the place to be if you are looking for potential partners in Poland. 

8. The perfect setting to get insight on the brewing and malting industry in Poland

For the last ten years, the beer industry (particularly the micro-brewery sector) in Poland has enjoyed a period of bonanza. In turn, this has motivated investors and entrepreneurs to offer services and technology that cater the needs of the brewing and malting industry. If you’re interested in alternatives for you supply chain, this is the place to look.

9. An opportunity to visit a local Polish micro-brewery

Every edition of SzTF has an optional visit to a local brewery. For the XX edition we partnered with Tenczynek Brewery to organise a guided and specialised visit for guests in the brewing industry.

10. A chance to participate in a specialised sensory workshop

The programme of the conference wouldn’t be complete without a sensory workshop. After all, we’re all here because we want to continue improving the quality of beer. So, let’s get our senses sharpened and down to business. The session is led by Boris Gadzov, Director of Global Sensory Management since 2009 at FlavorActiv.

11. A chance to get your beer tested for free

As a collaborating brewery you can bring with you or send us a parcel of your best brew. There will be over one hundred participants eager to discover something new. 

12. A social event to meet fellow brewers, industry partners and research colleagues

Science is king, know-how is queen, but we know the beer industry kingdom is all about personal connections. SzTF is the perfect place to reconnect and catch up with friends and colleagues, share experiences and look forward to new projects and ventures. 

dr hab. inż. Aleksander Poreda
Chairman of the SzTF organising committee
Director of the Kraków School of Brewing

Inspired and supported by the brewing community, we have been organising the School of Fermentation Technology regularly for over 25 years. The record number of lectures (28) and as many as 150 participants (representatives of breweries, companies, and scientific institutions) in the XX edition are proof of the huge demand for this type of industry meeting.

Initially organised on a yearly basis, the conference is currently held every second year, with the XX edition taking place after a four-year hiatus caused by the global pandemic. We sincerely hope that the rich and engaging programme of the meeting made the long wait worthwhile.

A special thanks to our speakers for preparing such interesting lectures. Your contributions are the main ingredient that makes this conference attractive to all participants. We hope that our gathering enables, fosters and strengthens networking and future collaborations.

Creating such an ambitions programme and organising the event at large is possible thanks to the unyielding support of our sponsors to whom we extend a word of gratitude.

We are glad to see the growing interest in our meeting and the expanding international dimension of the conference, For those of you who have accompanied us throughout the years, we thank you for your support, trust and loyalty.

We warmly welcome all new participants for the XXI edition in 2024.

See you at SzTF!

13. A setting for professional networking

SzTF is an opportunity for everyone to grow their network of contacts. This is the place where the academic meets the brewer and puts hypothesis to the test; where the brewer meets the owner of a recently opened microbrewery; where the microbrewery owner meets the supplier they urgently needed; where the supplier benchmarks its competition…

14. Feature and showcase your brand throughout all stages of the conference

Place your brand everywhere and get floor time to showcase it. Website, social media, brochures, conference package, stands and podium. Sponsors can choose from their level of engagement and therefore the amount of visibility. Contact us if you wish to become one in 2024.

15. Schedule a business meeting

We know how valuable your time is and how at times is difficult to arrange a strategic meeting. SzTF can serve as the time and place for your meeting. As the programme builds up and sponsors are on board you can decide who is important that you meet with. Let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements.

If you’re interested in the services offered by the Kraków School of Brewing, you can also book an appointment with us.

16. A showcase spot for new beers or other fermented brews

Get your product seen and tasted. With over 120 participants, SzTF is a great spot to promote a new beer or any other fermented drink. Let us know and we’ll make it happen. 

17. An occasion to get acquainted with new technologies and procedures in brewing and malting

The bulk of the conference covers a wide range of topics and a part of the presentations feature companies in the brewing and malting industry in Poland and Europe. SzTF gives you the chance to keep tabs with new trends in technology by acquainting you with new companies, their activities and their research and development. 

18. Get to know the Kraków School of Brewing and its array of services and activities

Brewing workshops, propagation of yeast, beer analysis and consulting services at large.

19. Enjoy social evenings and dance your socks-off on the dance floor

A long day’s work deserves a nice closure and at SzTF there’s plenty of time to recharge batteries and relax. Enjoy the late afternoons mingling and networking over a beer sponsored by partner breweries and prepare to hit the dance floor at our integration  and farewell parties.

20. Gather social media content and populate your channels with proof of a professional encounter and social happening

Social media presence has become an important and useful marketing asset. We prepare imagery for our sponsors, but strongly encourage all participants to take photos, make videos and upload them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other channel feed. You are also more than welcome to use our photos for your own purposes.

21. A possibility to visit Kraków, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland

Plan your trip ahead and combine business and pleasure. Kraków is in many respects the most Polish of all this nation’s cities. The ancient seat of kings and intelligentsia, it comes steeped in legend and myth, and evokes the most fanciful of images, from dragons under the catacombs of Wawel, to Tartar hordes repelled at the gates, to pigeon-knights waiting for their king to return. Kraków’s postcard-perfect Old Town comes complete with Europe’s largest medieval market square and even a fairy-tale castle overlooking the river.