Hard Seltzer: A Sparkling Trend. How Hard Can It Be?

Brewing Ideas Symposium | Kraków, Poland

September 4, 2023

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HARD SELTZER is this year’s and the first general theme of the KSB symposium.

In order to approach the general theme of HARD SELTZERS from a broader perspective we have formulated four sub-themes that tackle the entire life cycle of the product:

  • Product idea: conception and innovations
  • Product analysis: current science and researh
  • Product development: Use of raw materials, equipment and technology in production 
  • Product life-time: practical issues in the market:

Each sub-theme can be addressed by different stakeholders such as
corporate & micro breweries, technology companies & biochemical labs, commercial & marketing agencies, law firms, lobbysts & government agencies, and of course the academic/scientific community.

We invite everyone who’s interested in sharing know-how and knowledge about the Hard Seltzer topic to participate by submitting an abstract for a presentation. Please get acquainted with the general topics and submit your application here below.



Product Life

What constitutes a Hard Seltzer? Why are they popular? What kind of market demand gave birth to the idea? Why is it (un)popular?


Product Analysis

Are HS healthier than beer? Why? What are HS’s demographics and what do they tell us about the product and its potential? What does research tells us about flavour and stability of HS's?

Tech & Know-how

Product Development

What new technologies have HSs spurred in the beverage industry? New products, same technologies? What are the key indicators for quality control of HS's?

Legal & Marketing

Product Life-time

What are the production regulations of hard seltzers in Poland? What are the production regulations in other countries and jurisdictions? Are HS's easier to market than beer?